After the BBC owned (or pwnd) the fools festival last year with it’s hilariously convincing flying penguins, this year there was a lot of pressure on. Unfortunately, although there were a lot of decent attempts not the least of which was Reeboks, jumpers for goal posts spot or BMW’s tow technology press ad:

Ryan Giggs and Darren Campbell play the fool in Reebok’s suspicious spot.

BMW push the boundaries of technological comedy with this amusing press ad.

The BBC fell short of the mark with Stephen Fry fronting this thoroughly unconvincing but less then that uncompeling news story:

Dissapointing display of jesterism as Stephen Fry finds the illusive Shark-Whale.

The Guardian and Brand republic introduced two great new means of communication, at exactly 00:01 this morning the Guardian released this article:
Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink

And Brand Republic are showing the marketing world the future with electromagnetic Carrier Pigeons:
Pigeons to be used to directly target consumers

On the more social side, YuouTube presents a new perspective on how to view your favourite clips:

But what you’ve all been waiting for…
My personal favourite!

Top stitch of 2009!

BBC baffling ESP experiment goes right first time every time!

Fool a fool, follow the link:
Testing, testing, E.S.P!

Most of all, enjoy yourselves and keep it foolish!


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