Are you for real?

This month, a lot of amazing artists have sprung up with one thing in common… Realism!

After I went mental for pencil thanks to Paul Lungs feline phenomenons, people couldn’t help but offer me other near realistic artistic interpretations.

Here’s a compilation of cats by Paul Lung:

Then followed a range artistic techniques from brushes to biro’s.
But the artist that really stopped me in my tracks was Alyssa Monks.
Her combination of oil on linen would have been breathtaking enough, but a she managed to take it a stage further when she turned on the water works.

Pause 16×20, oil on panel, 2009

Smirk 48×64, oil on linen, 2009

Weight 42×56, oil on linen, 2007

Immersion 42×56, oil on linen, 2006

The Race 72×96, oil on linen, 2007

Tug of War 64×86, oil on linen, 2007

Told you it was amazing!


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