This new ‘Viral’ from the aptly named ‘Try’ agency in Oslo thinks it knows what it takes to make a viral, they’re solution (like many before them) film a YouTube superstar!!!!

This time they’ve used Danny MacAskill the excellent BMX stunt dude. I remember this video cropping up over 4 years ago:

But now he is the victim, yes, VICTIM, of the Volkswagen Golf Estate ad:

Advertiser: Volkswagen
Brand: VW Golf Estate
Advertising agency: Try Oslo
Creative Directors: Petter Bryde, Thorbjørn Ruud
Art Director: Thorbjørn Ruud
Copywriter: Petter Bryde

It makes me physically sick that there’s no idea behind this monstrosity of awesome skill. The line that attempts to pull it altogether ‘suits every side of you’, unlike Barclaycard’s ‘Life flows better’ with Bill ‘CRUTCH’ Shannon’s ad, has no frikkin relevance.

The two things we know about our protagonist is that he likes bikes but hates flies. And yes, the new roomy estate does easily fit Danny’s BMX, but his aversion to flies is not considered at all when discerning his… ‘sides’.

This ad has angered me so much I have created a new tag…



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