Chat Roulette Gig

I AM UN CHEIN have not been back in coming forward, as they deliver a gig to millions of masturbators, Chat Roulette I mean.

I AM UN CHIEN !! – HOLOGRAM (Feat JRF from Stuck In The Sound)

Video by FRANK SEILER & I AM UN CHIEN !! (2010)

Live experience made with ” Chatroulette ” (

Special Thanks : PIERRE LE BRUCHEC



  1. Blimko

    We just launched a totally random video chat in English with better design and more features:, we are currently in beta, is already in English and Spanish version with a greater number of features such as Search by gender (male, female or all) and a channel HOT +18.


    • Randude

      Why thank you Blimko.
      I may dedicate a post to it.

      Out of interest, what was the reasoning behind the new site?
      Was it geared more towards the search functionality or the 18+ section?

      I’m sure there will be a mass debate over the 18+ section.

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