M.I.A Ginger Genocide

I can’t believe I missed this yesterday, but thanks to YouTube’s immediate pulling down of every upload (leaving this music video amusingly missing in action), and my internet source being an un-flashy iPhone (I mean it does not run flash, I still think the iPhone kicks BALLS!).

Now… what was I talking about?


So without further a-do I present to you, the visually brilliant and conceptually close to the bone…

M.I.A – ‘Born Free’ (It’s not quite as heart warming as Elsa the Lioness, but it comes close)

Director : Romain Gavras
Director of Photography : André Chemetoff
Producer : Mourad Belkeddar
Production company : elnino.tv

More here



  1. SP

    The message maybe to highlight the plight of minority groups, but there is a risk with some folk that this could be seen as some sort of justification for targeting red haired people for more than just ridicule. There is protection in law against racism. There is no protection in law for the those people beaten and abused for simply having red hair.

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