Take a wall, any wall.  Take a standard digital slingshot (wooden of course) with SMS typing capabilities, a hacked radio frequency and laser sighting (naturally).  And what have you got?  SMSlingshot!

Just type in your message, pull back and fling your digital sling against any projector enabled surface.  The marriage of physical and digital (which I may now begin calling digical (but probably not)) makes this Berlin based experiment a fresh step in projection, which is rapidly becoming as infamously tiresome as AR:

The SMSlingshot is an autonom working device, equipped with a high frequency radio, hacked arduino board, laser and batteries. Text messages can be typed on a phone-sized wooden keypad which is integrated in an also wooden slingshot. After the message is finished, the user can aim on a media facade and send/shoot the message straight to the targeted point. It will then appear as a coloured splash with the message written within. The text message will also be real-time twittered – just in case. – Nice touch!

Another cool projection based sculpture art, also fresh from Berlin:


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