A lesson in digital from The Tweets

The Streets head man Mike Skinner is all over Twitter, releasing tracks, chatting to friends and responding to fans even through the medium of video or song. It is clear that Skinner really does ‘get’ digital, and although he’s currently penning The Streets final album, he is definitely one to watch, and I have a feeling he won’t be that hard to find.

But I’m not here just to blow Mike Skinners general digitaldoo, I’d like to bring to your attention exhibit ‘A’ his most recent Tweet:

Just click the link and you’re transported to a classic Skinner video response and it’s aimed directly @jamesjammcmahon, Guardian writer and and owner of this complimentary article, highlighting Skinners digital depths.

Even with the knowledge of Skinner’s internet antics, I’m sure even writer James McMahon was surprised at the near instant response:

There is a little irony in The Streets being digital.

Either way, congratulations to Mike, a true innovator of modern music, I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you soon.



Read James McMahons article here.

See Mike’s video response and The Streets new site here.

Follow Mike Skinner on Twitter here.


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