Family Guy Episode VI

The latest and last of the Family Guy Star Wars installments is soon to hit the big screen.  And to celebrate this, they have devised a trailer with not only one… but two, yes two Wilhelm screams (oh, I was going to link to my Wilhelm post, but I haven’t written it yet… Ok, I’ll retro-link it later, if you don’t yet know click here).

Family Guy: It’s a Trap

Probably another astute insight from those clever Family guys.  The Wilhelm Scream although having been used in over 8 movies already, was placed firmly in the limelight when Ben Burtt, a Hollywood sound designer featured it in all of the Star Wars films (as well as in Indiana Jones).

Thanks to @WilhelmEnthusiast for finding the first two clips.

And @FraserJNicholas for the third.


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