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Duncan (Zowie Bowie) Jones is in the midst of making another promising sci-fi spectacular, after his hugely successful independent movie ‘Moon‘.

The new movie takes  Quantum leap’s Samuel Beckett and instead of giving him an entire episode to solve the problem, as well as the help of his holographic assistant Al, he gets 8 minutes.  Jake Gyllenhaal takes on the role of the leaper, and his task; To solve the mystery of the Chicago train bombing, the only catch is he only has a succession of 8 minutes ‘leaps’ into the strangers body to solve the mystery before the whole lot blows up and he has to start over again.

Yes, I thought it sounded interesting and fun too, but then they introduce a love element.  Obviously leaping through time and space, risking literally life and limb and being too close to a fresh, albeit revamped, concept was far too passé for many audiences, so they threw in a love story.

I’m only going on what I have seen in the trailer, but you may notice an involuntary tut coming from your person around the final 30 seconds mark.  Lets once again put the mission and the movie at risk by falling in love within a random series of 8 minute meetings.

Oh well, innocent until proven guilty in my eyes.  And off the back of his Moon debut, Duncan Jones is currently far more hero than villain.  Current release date is April 2011:



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