Jurassic Spark

Well actually we’re beginning at the Quartenary period, but a) nobody will know that and b) it doesn’t fit nicely into a JP gag.

Anyway, this post is about bringing dinosaurs back from the dead.  Scientists in Japan are starting a programme this year that could bring about the return of the Dinosaur.  Almost exactly the same as planned in the Jurassic Park movies, (except their fertilising elephant wombs and not test tubes) these genius Japs plan to bring a Wooly Mammoth thundering back onto the planet in around 5 years.

Read more here

So to celebrate this Mammoth development, I thought I’d post the Jurassic Park theme tune slowed down 1000 times.  It’s amazing how you can still recognise what part of the song you are at even though the entire piece sounds like a mash-up of Michael Jackson’s ‘One Day in Your Life’:

Follow this link to the slow Jurassic Park remix.


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