Dot dot dot – laugh laugh laugh

So,  this weekend hosted Superbowl XLV and with it a shed load of awesome ads, virals and video content.  Oh yeah, and apparently some American Football.  But lets get back to the good stuff.  I have spent the morning sifting through the masses of content, originally just planning to pull out the latest and greatest trailers (this post coming soon), but 10 it was taking too long and 2) I couldn’t let another moment pass without posting this:

Dot dot dot:

May, 18, 2009 : Super PSTW Action RPG is released by Rhete
February, 3, 2010 : Axman13 reviews Super PSTW
February, 4, 2010 : Dot Dot Dot (narration of Axman’s review) by D-Mac-Double
January, 6, 2011 : Ricepirate animates Dot Dot Dot

In an age where the anonymous reviewer is held to no general standard of grammar or spelling, an intelligible trolling rant is a common and often eye-rolling occurrence. And when a game is meant as a parody of its genre, and a player playing it doesn’t quite get the joke … well, magic happens.

But the real triumph, is when an epic voice actor decides to perform a run-of-the-mill game review rant … committing to all its grammatical belligerence.

I present to you, Dot Dot Dot — Animated. I hop uyo enjo it.


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