Who says Zombie’s lack emotion?

Surely one of the best trailers ever created for a video game.

Wait… did I just use the term ‘video game’?  Shit, does that mean I’m old? I was close to tears from watching that wretched zombie trailer and I think this rude awakening has just put me over the edge.

Excuse me…

Ahh, I feel a bit better now, thanks.

So here’s what all the fuss is about.

Techland are releasing a new zombie based game called ‘Dead Island’ and have created a dead nice trailer (sorry) to promote the undead action.  I actually put this to one side originally, as I was becoming bored of Zombie games.  Don’t get me wrong I loved ‘Left 4 Dead’ and the ‘Red Dead Redemption’ add-on was a stroke of genius, but come on, enough’s enough… or is it?

Wow, this trailer not only reinvigorates a passion for the classic horror genre, but it also revives (if you’ll excuse the pun) the lust for film, music, and a burning ambition to destroy the sniveling undead hordes.  RAHHHHHH!!!!!

(Available for all formats, out this year)


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