Water Good Trick

So my friend sent me this nifty trick, as he knows I like a nifty tricks. But this is a stretch.  If it is fake, which I hope it is not, then I really like the failed attempts and the allusion to difficulty throughout.

The comments below the YouTube upload speak a lot of magnets, so maybe it is possible but just not the way it is described.  Either way, it looks very impressive and certainly makes the viewer question their own understanding of physical principles.

So, without further ado…  (‘Drum roll please’)…  I give you…

The Amazing Water Trick:


An amusing trick you can perform with water! Show this video to your friends!
In fact, why not show it to everyone you ever knew?

I highly encourage you to try this trick yourself.


If you like the music, you can find it here:
The title is “Faster Does It.”

Via dandeentremont and The Knifey Spoony.


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