Samurai Shadow Fighting

Amazing choreography as well as perfect timing and excellent audio make this an astonishing joy to watch from start to finish.

I hail this piece… a flawless victory:

2011年1月2日(日)~1月5日(水)に天王洲銀河劇場にて行われた早乙女太一 [吉例]新春特別講演『龍と牡丹』内「剣舞/影絵」。
映像効果を駆使し、早乙女太一が自分自身の影絵と繰り広げられる殺陣。形を変 え 次々と襲いかかる影絵との舞台は、一糸乱れぬ緻密な映像演出と早乙女太一 の才能の上に成り立っています。


Taichi Saotome, Special New Year Performance of Dragon and Peony, Sword
Dance and Shadowgraph
2nd to the 5th of January 2011 at the Galaxy Theater Tokyo


Video Production by TEAMLAB

Unfortunately, beyond TEAMLAB I barely understand a word of the credits.  So if you anyone can translate all/any of that, well good for you.

Thanks DNS for pointing this one out.


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