Google Fools Day

Google have owned many online commodities over the past decade and if they keep going the way they are, April Fools will be next.  In fat, I expect that will be next years thing… Google Fools Day.  This way there’s no reason for it to be in April, they can make it any day they want.  Who remembers why we celebrate the first of April anyway?  It’s like Christmas, who knows why these things started and for that matter who cares?

Last year we saw Google Translate for Animals, but this year they just can’t stop rolling out their April Films.

Google Auto-completer:

Gmail Motion:

But why the fuck is Googling Helvetica an April Fools gag?

Maybe they released it a few days ago and it’s only just caught on, but having the text on my screen [SPOILER WARNING] turn to comic sans does not stitch me up in the slightest and you’re a fool if you think it does.  Maybe that’s it, the double-fool-bluff, now I get it. (That was sarcasm)


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