Engrave Danger

So, this is how I see the conversation going:

CALLER: ‘Hi I’d like to purchase one of those iPod’s I’ve been hearing all about.’

(IRONIC) APPLE GENIUS: ‘OK Ma’am, would you like an iPod Nano, Shuffle, Touch or classic?’

CALLER: ‘The iPod touch please, yes definitely.’

GENIUS: ‘Excellent choice Madam, would that be 8GB, 32GB or 64GB?

CALLER: ‘Well I am treating myself… Go on, 64GB, it’s not often I get something so special.’

GENIUS: ‘And what would you like engraved on your 64GB iPod touch?’

CALLER: ‘Oh, no thanks.  I don’t want my iPod engraved.’

GENIUS: ‘Excellent madam, that’s £336.00 thank you.’

The very next day…

Alternatively they may have ordered online, in which case, it’s their own stupid fault for typing that in the text box.


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