The Amazing Leaked Trailer

Last week we got to enjoy the leaked Dark Knight Rises Trailer:

And this week it’s the turn of…

The Amazing Spider Man!

Unfortunately I can’t find the HD version anymore, but I assure you it looks really really shiny, in fact I may go as far to say too much. We all wonder where Toby Maguire got his seamstress skills from but this is taking it too far.More complaints after the break)

So all the heritage and plot development that Sam Raimi successfully (lets ignore most of the third film) built up has been demolished. Did anyone else notice that his University professor was Dr Connors AND only had one arm? Well he did but now it doesn’t matter. I was also, after obvious initial disgust, in agreement with the removal of the web slingers. After all, it is far more believable that a man, after being bitten by a radioactive spider and taking on several arachnid characteristics can fire webbing than a teenage kid developing the equipment to fire impossibly strong fluid from his wrist and BLAH!!!! It makes me mad.
Oh and the rooftop running scene. Clearly Marc Webb (fitting I know) has played Mirrors Edge.


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