Old Spice Challenge Mano-a-Mano

Exciting news; the now newer, hairier and generally shitter Old Spice guy, Fabio Lanzoni, has challened the old Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa to a duel. His challenge video starts with a mocking impersonation of the original and universally loved ad, very dangerous when you’re an over the hill model relying on nothing but cheap visual gags instead of a tight script and an inspirational front man.

They’re making a song and dance over it via YouTube and Facebook and as Weidens and Kennedy (the Ad Agency responsible) proved with their follow up  Twitter campaign, they know how to nail digital. So in true Isaiah style, the challenge was accepted with that near famous, well constructed vernacular and effortlessly confident delivery that we now expect from Old Spice. Oh sorry, old Old Spice.

It will be interesting to see if Fabio gets any support, or if he really is overshadowed by the far more proficient character and if he is, what this will mean for the future advertising of the brand. Either way, there will be a live final (as stated in’t video) today at 12:00 EST or around 17:00 GMT. You can experience the testosterone based battle here.


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