Secret Garden Party 2011

My work place has recently asked me to write an article for it’s monthly newsletter. Seen as the last month or so has been a great time for festivals and summer fun and I myself am indeed a festi-loving patron, I thought I’d write about my recent experience at The Secret Garden Party. So myself, a few workmates, friends and friends of friends all descended upon the little farm grounds of Huntingdon and so the party began…


Today I have returned from the green fields, great stages and strange rabbits that have inhabited the Secret Garden Party over the weekend. As soon as we walked into the giant green playground, faced instantly by a helter skelter, big wheel and the auspiciously named den of ‘The Artful Badger’, I knew the glue crew and I were all in for an amazing experience.

But instead of rabbiting on about the festival fun that was had by all (apologies for the pun), I thought I’d put a digital slant on my gatherings.

Unfortunately for the tech side, this was a world of fields and farms, unlike the UK’s festival powerhouse (Glastonbury) there was no electronic element to this adult playground (except for the cyber man making music from his futuristic cyber suit). Where Glaso (with Orange, The Guardian and Poke London) had made its programme available in a comprehensive smart phone application, with interactive map, easy to use programme, clash finder and facebook sharing, SGP was instead confusing its patrons with an over wordy and under simplistic programme upon us. Yet in truth, I needed it not. I was far too content bowling round the comparatively small festival with nothing more than friends and fun, neither application nor programme required.

Another refreshing aspect of this peace and love festival is the lack of branded experiences. No massive 3D Sky-dome scarring the landscape, no Pimms bus or Tuborg tent (OK, you can’t win ‘em all) and most of all the Orange’s wi-fi friendly ‘Chill and Charge’ tent had been replaced with a few solar panels and a couple of hippies willing to charge your mobile.  ‘Far out dudes.’

In short, I think we were all glad to remove our digital jackets for one weekend and replace them with zebra suits, big-faced cats, Wolverine costumes and of coarse, a Ninja Turtle.

Until next year… Peace!


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