Cravendale – The first cow milker

So Wieden and Kennedy have released the second in their new series of Cravendale ads. This time instead of opposably-thumbed felines it concentrates on the age old question… Who was the first person to milk a cow?

Unfortunately I think the ‘age old question’ is the reason why I don’t like it. I really enjoyed imagining cats… with thumbs. It is something I’d not considered before. Dogs yes of course, ever since I discovered the truth behind Borat’s fabled Jew (spelt dew) claw, it’s now been rendered useless in the wake of evolution, but it never stopped me imagining.

However not only is this based so far in reality that it definitely did happen but it’s also as old and cliche as ‘why do men have nipples’ and ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg?’ Which, again, if you’re going to believe in evolution the correct answer is egg. There… no more mystery.

However I have waffled on enough, it was clearly the difficult second album for this campaign which has not stopped looking beautiful. I just want to see more imagination, fingers crossed for cows with business acumen.



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