Security Go Swimming With The Fishes Seeeeeeeeee

I posted this yesterday, but I wanted to place it here, 1. for posterity, 2. for those who missed it and 3. because it’s awesome. And a possible 4 because I never noticed The Mask tune playing in the background. It makes it so much better.

P.S. I hope the security are fired.

Major Brawl at Russia Oceanarium

Apparent translations:

hg = hot_girl
hg_bf = hot girl’s boyfriend

00:19 hg_bf: So wasted
00:24 security: come on…
00:28 little_girl: what is he doing?
00:29 hg_bf: come on, come on .. but he refuses to go
00:30 hg: he washed his greasy footwear in the pool, where clean dolphins are swimming..
00:36 hg_bf: (you saying something, Nadya?)
00:39 hg: washed his greasy footwear where clean dolphins are swimming. If I were a dolphin, I’d splash him
00:48 hg: Poor dolphins.
00:55 little_girl: who’s there going ?
00:59 hg: he came here with a girl… If you jumped into the pool like this, I’d be sad and offended. Thank God, you are so normal. I love you.
01:15 hg_bf: You should repeat that comment.
01:19 hg: I already said all what I was thinking
01:34 hg_bf: security came
02:07 hg_bf: Seems like he’s done with.
02:14 hg: It is a part of the show?
03:10 tall_guy: What are you doing?
03:17 yellow_shirt_guy: Go outside, there’s children watching!
03:23 shrieking_girl: Don’t, …*
03:26 yellow_shirt_guy: what a mess you’ve made here, come on, …
03:30 drunk_guy: You, scumbag! — literally: You, condom (cocksuckers)!
03:30 hg: what a dork he is, to act like this, girl says to him: calm down…
03:53 tall_guy: who’s interferring ?! … who the fuck punched?
04:03 tall_guy: Who? Me? They punched that good man in the face! It’s an outrage!
04:10 drunk_guy: I fucked you in your mouths, you condoms!
04:19 hg: came to the show, and makes a stupid mess.. came to the public place and…
04:30 drunk_guy: You the lowest of people, fuck you!
04:33 hg: dolphins are shocked
04:35 hg_bf: you saying something, Nadya?
04:36 hg: people came to public place, they should behave themselves. And this dorks come here, acting like animals… And he even tries to argue that he’s right…
04:52 hg: so why is he jump like that, seems like it is not his business at all
05:05 hg: you can’t behave, should stay at home.
05:06 hg: I am shocked. I’m more sorry for a dolphin. Poor dolphins now in a dirty water.. This moron got what he asked for
05:18 hg: wanted to show off to his girl ……
05:27 pink_shirt_girl: Oleg! let’s go…
05:27 tall_guy: Come here!
05:27 pink_shirt_girl: I said, let’s go!


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