Inkling by Wacom – Digitised sketching

Digital sketching, tablets and iPads are all good, but lest us not lose the tactile feeling of drawing a picture. The scratch of pen or pencil against paper is satisfying in a way that digital could not be, or at least couldn’t have been.

Introducing Inkling by Wacom.

Yes, as it suggests, you plug in and attach to the top of your pad or paper the modern day bulldog clip and just start sketching. Your marks and (or) movement are then instantly digitised and sent directly to your computer. In their own words it ‘bridges the gap between traditional, free hand sketching and digital development’.

It’s no surprise that the first comment is ‘holy fucking amazing’.

Unfortunately it’s not out yet, but watch this space for its imminent release.

Thank you @hannah_bain for spotting this one.


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