Being Henry (for a Range of Rover)

Range Rover have just released their new interactive and immersive video experience; Being Henry.

Henry is your average guy, plagued by life, intimidated by decision. You, the user, follow his story, helping our hero by making some of the difficult, and not so difficult, decisions. This user navigated video uses two enviable forms of interaction; The cool character dragging feature, allowing you to scroll through the video by clicking and dragging our principle character through the story and of course, the choice of story arc each resulting in a different outcome (and in this case a different model of Range Rover).

If you think you recognise our hero… you do. Hey everybody it’s Johnny from The Wire (Bubble’s friend?… now you get it).

His name is Leo Fitzpatrick and I think he does a brilliant job. In fact, I think practically everything about this is brilliant, it’s slick, well directed, well edited, a great script, great voice over (I know I’m not being very descriptive, just stick with me), you actually feel as if you’re making a difference and that the story arcs and narrative are vastly optional… but the forceful crowbar entrance of the product is awful. If I didn’t want to see where else Henry could take me, I would have hit ⌘+W and got the hell outta there.

But don’t take my word for it, give it a go here.

Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Director: Nick Gordon
Digital Production Company: Less Rain


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