Coffee Break Hero – a 14 day sprint

I really like this live little initiative to raise money for Child’s Play Charity, an online based organisation raising money through an ever growing community of online gamers.

Big Block Games have challenged themselves to create an RPG in just 14 days. You can watch their progress live as they design and develop the game from scratch.

Via Big Block Games

Over the next 14 days, from September 1st to September 14th, we’ll be building a complete RPG, live with video and blog updates. Our internal documents will all be live on Google Docs.

We’ve done preproduction on the concept, including concept art, and a prototype, and design work. However, not a line of code has been written for the final project, and not a pixel drawn.

The prototype in all its glory:

Concept art for the game:

Watch the development live here.

And you can donate here.


Every donation gets rewarded:

  • Name a monster in the game
  • More powerful weapons and items
  • Access to all playable races
  • A DRM-free downloadable version of the game after the sprint
  • The top 100 donors receive a free copy of our other title, Black Market!
  • The top 5 donors will receive custom characters
  • The highest donor will become a major game character

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