Sexist Advertising Wins?

I’ve literally changed the subject matter of this post… yeah sure I’ll get on to talking about the important matter of JCP creating horribly sexist ads that degrade woman and should be banned from television, online and the minds of genuinely gentrified human beings.

But first… Check this shit out. It’s amazing!

Thank you Lynx… thank you.

Now as I was saying Saatchi & Saatchi (New York) released an ad earlier this year that was ferociously accused of being sexist. It used an 18 year old Phoebe Cates to keep men entertained whilst the girls looked at shopping.Disgraceful!

… Funny, but DISGRACEFUL!

It all seems a little pathetic now doesn’t it?

P.S. Top comment:

… Nuff said.

Via Jens Meijer and Tom Sneddon respectively… I mean RESPECT!


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