PS3 – Long Live Great Ads

This blog post is to Michael… and all the other people/characters/legends that made this ad possible:
(Reference list at bottom)

I love it for so many reasons; The script, the direction, the characters, the cameos, the score, the memories… Possibly the most inspirational ad I can remember. Long Live play!

Created in New York by Deutsch a Lowe and Partners Company (I think I have to write it all).

I've made a list of all the references I noticed.

Call of duty 2 - 0:07
Unchartered - 0:48
Final Fantasy - 0:48
Infamous - 0:56
Killzone - 0:56
Dead Space 2 - 0:59
MLB 11 - 1:03
Metal Gear Solid - 1:06
Hitman - 1:13
Twisted Metal - 1:14
Portal - 1:15
Little Big Planet - 1:16
God of War - 1:18
Tekken - 1:22
Madden 10 - 1:22
Bioshock - 1:37
Jak and Daxter - 1:45
Assassin's Creed - 1:46
(They may be a little early, but I wouldn't want you to miss anything.)

Long Live Play!

via @kevmaguire


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