Kittencamp October 2011

The formula for Kittencamp is simple; A giant Cat faces off against a giant Dog in a best internet clip takes all scenario, this continues for about 5 rounds and the overall victor takes home the coveted Kittencamp trophy. And thus concludes the first segment.

We started by hearing the latest internet collaboration from the late Amy Wineh0use and the awesome Nononono Cat.

Firstly, for those of you that haven’t seen it and because I love it…

The Original:

Now the meme that will cast the first stone:

Cat Doesn’t Want To Go To Rehab

This was quickly countered with the more than worthy Creationist Cat talking about abortion.

A quick introduction to…

Creationist Cat

And now here’s the pure comedy clip that won the Lol Puppy the round:

Creationist Cat Solves The Abortion Crisis

So, that was the first round, and so it went on. But I don’t have to explain each back and forth. Here’s a shit load of cool videos that made up the rest of the competition… Enjoy!




Apparently an actual ad created by Rhett and Link for Fountain of Health






Thanks to all involved.


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