Playstation Vita does AR

The lastest Sony update you’ve not been waiting for will be released on February 12 2012 and it shall be known as Vita!

Turns out though, that this new model may be a little more than a remake of the shoddy Game Gear their previous PSP offering led us to believe.

Amongst the, now pretty bog standard internet integration, they may have done something quite exciting… AR!

Yeah it’s not new and a lot of you may even be bored of hearing that two letter combination. But if this new vid is anything to go by, the hand held capabilities and the evolution of AR could lead to some pretty cool stuff (that may well get boring within a few days).

Look at it!

Augmented Reality is one of the directions open to PlayStation Vita developers and it was announced that six Augmented Reality markers will be available at launch, with three games available to download for free from PlayStation Store. To see how these are going to be used, we saw this AR technology video.

More details here.


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