Heineken Christmas Tree

Keeping up the festive theme:


For 2011’s festive celebrations, Heineken has created what could possibly be the world’s most social Christmas tree. Send your friends a unique festive greeting at http://www.socialtree.sg and watch it come alive as a visual showcase on the actual tree at Clarke Quay from 17 — 26 December. At 11 metres tall with 48 LCD screens, it promises to be Singapore’s most spectacular festive landmark ever.

Created by Iris Worldwide



    • FraserJNicholas

      That is quite a sweet idea; get from one place to another on trade alone.

      Unfortunately what this executions comes down to is giving drivers booze in order to get in their car. Hmmm.

      The creatives here should think long and hard about what they have done. Maybe next time do it with cake or a t-shirt, anything that doesn’t promote drink driving. Or guns, don’t trade guns.

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