Virals Worth Spreading

We’ve just had Deborah Kornfilt from TED come in and talk to us about the Ted ecosystem, conferences and the future. Unfortunately the talk about TED talks was not nearly as inspiring as any TED talk of the past. However… this is not a blog post about the latest future facing inspirational invention…  This is about Aliens.

A couple of days ago Ridley Scott released a viral video for his upcoming Alien prequel Prometheus. I don’t think there was an ad agency involved, I think he conceived and expertly executed the viral himself. He did, after all, use to be one of the best in the business (Apparently, Ridley gave his son Luke Scott a shot at directing this viral short, this has not been confirmed). This viral short sees Guy Pearce as Peter Weyand, CEO of Weyland Industries (That is an actual website, I’d keep an eye on that if I were you), presenting a TED talk in the year 2023, announcing the future and claiming, “We are the Gods now”:

TED not only endorsed Scott’s return to roots by allowing him to use the official TED branding, but they’ve also been so kind as to post this Q&A with screenwriter and producer Damon Lindelof, in which he talks about the blurry lines between science and fiction and his surprise at getting Ted onboard (well worth a read).

A lovely script is compliment with some excellent touches, especially the Parrott style Drone that leads Weyland out or  the text tweet that appears in the background at around the 53seconds mark.

The copy seems to read:

“Where’s Weyland going with this? Thought fire was for all mankind. He’s probably franchised using it now. #TED

The link leads to an Apple trailer for the upcoming film.

As a viral I think it really works, I for one am now EVEN MORE excited about it’s early June release date. And I will be watching the Weyland Corps website, I’ll let you know if anything happens.


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