Epic Advertising

Here are some awesome ads of late that I have loved.

Guardian; Three Little Pigs

This hit our screens a couple of weeks ago and it still makes me sit up every time I hear “Little pig, little pig let us in”. As far as advertising goes, the message is clear and the ad is entertaining and raises my opinion of an already very high profile brand. Amazing work.

CLIENT:  Guardian
CREATIVES: Matt Fitch & Mark Lewis


HSBC: Serious Play

Another awesomely epic advertisement, this time from JWT as they tackle (see what I did there) the rugby 7s. I’m personally a big fan of dressing up so this ad had me hooked the moment I saw those freaking excellent toy soldier costumes, but mix in the classic ‘epic sports battle in a public space’ formula (see ’98 Nike Airport ad for another excellent example) and you’ve got a big thumbs up from me.



Sony Xperia “Made by Imagination”

Although I’m not the biggest Wes Anderson fan, in fact I can’t think of a movie he’s made that hasn’t made me fall asleep or cut myself, but the idea of brining kids irrepressible imagination to life is surely something even Wes can’t make less exciting than watching a turd go crispy.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/38787494]

AGENCY: McCann World Group


I though I’d squeeze in a final entry from DraftFCB Beunos Aires… it’s for KY Jelly .



  1. Adam Wells (@escooler)

    I disagree slightly on the guardian ad, although you cannot deny the production, I think it makes following the story via the guardian like some kind of mental headache where everyone chips in their two cents (at around 40 secs – yes no vote at 53) and there is alot of confusion and chaos. The worlds is busy and chaotic and I hope the guardian would help me make sense of it, why make things easier to understand.

    Also as much as I enjoy the guardian and its values, the whole picture is something I wil admit its never been good at providing.

  2. FraserJNicholas

    In response to your very valid opinion, I think that the confusion and chaos you speak of is deliberately present within the ad. The opinions of the many does dilute the facts, but I feel this is part of the subject matter that the Guardian are attempting to challenge. You will notice the stark contrast (tonally and visually) between the opinions of the public and the facts reported by the Guardian. To me they seem to be presenting themselves as one that does not side to the left or the right but simply filters public opinion and delivers facts.

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