Every picture (in this collection) tells a single metaphor.
To tell you the truth, after ‘every fat man has thin man inside’ I was pretty much clutching at straws… Oh wait, was that one?


Hugh Kretschemer is a Los Angeles born photographer who grew up in a family of artists, discovering photography at 13 under guidance of father. Recognized repeatedly throughout  his 22 year career for his work´s enduring (and endearing) use of metaphor and hand-crafted, trick-the-eye elements. Kretschmer has achieved singular success as an editorial and advertising photographer who creates imagery that applies to both art and commerce. Very cool random shots!

“Key metaphors help determine what and how we perceive and how we think about our perceptions.” M.H. Abrams


Shock me to impress me
Paranoia, hope and fear
It tickes my mind
Hand-crafted awesomeness

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