Best… AR… Ever

I sit here, dumbfounded, gob-smacked and in awe. As a lover of technology and animals, this as an idea would normally get me more excited than the proverbial fat kid in a candy shop… But add to that the amazing augmented execution and this has to be my favourite piece of AR ever.

To celebrate the release of BBC’s Frozen Planet on Blu-ray and DVD, ((appshaker)) helped the BBC turn the icy world of wildlife into an augmented reality. The quality of this experience has to be seen to be believed, what was once a disconnected hologram now appears to be a solid object. And I can only imagine that the lucky people that managed to be part of this experiential roadshow felt so close to these faux physical forms that they could almost punch them… WELL DON’T! You should never punch a penguin.


Quote from Darren Giles on the realism of these superbly posed animals:
               “They can become extinct now.”

What they say:

BBC Frozen Planet Augmented Reality, NJ, IL, CA – USA by Appshaker

BBC Home Entertainment partnered with Appshaker Ltd for its first Augmented Reality Tour in the US, in support of the Blu-ray/DVD Frozen Planet that became available on April 17, 2012. With 4 distinctive broadcast quality 3D scenes, delighted crowds had the opportunity to place themselves right inside the content, where they were able to interact with the animals of the Polar Region. This event acted as an organic cross between an art installation and advertising. With live streaming from each event, family and friends were able to share their experience around the world.

The three market tour ran from April 19 – April 22 in New Jersey, Illinois and California and was inspired by the television series Frozen Planet, co produced by BBC/Discovery Channel, which made its US television debut March 18th on Discovery reaching over 25 million viewers.


– Short Hills Mall, (New York audience), 1200 Morris Turnpike Short Hills, NJ 
– Woodfield Mall, (Chicago audience), 5 Woodfield Mall Schaumburg, IL
– Sunvalley Mall, (San Francisco audience). 1 Sun Valley Mall #228 Concord, CA
For more information on Appshaker, please head to or visit us on Facebook at

About Appshaker:

Over the past two years, UK based Appshaker has created augmented reality systems on a variety of platforms for multinational brands such as Ford, General Electric, Guinness World Records, National Geographic and many more. Appshaker is a digital creative agency devoted to building the finest online experiences for brands across the world. Appshaker specialises in bleeding edge augmented reality systems, mobile and social media based applications to generate awareness, enhance brand experience, increase sales and entertain simultaneously.


Creative Direction: Alex Poulson / Kevin Jackson
Art Direction: Barnabas Nanay
Production Direction: Szabolcs Turanyi-Vadnay
Technical Direction: Adam Trost
3D Design: Vertigo Digital

Via @AlexBirch


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