April First Day Fools

BMW Pram

There has been many entries from many fools this morning, and much like the rest of the year, April Fools Day has been awash with tech based solutions, not least from the gigagiant Google.

Here’s quite a broad round up from Tech Crunch, including… Paying for vowels on Twitter AKA Twttr, get Cannabis straight to your door via Love With Weed and Sony release Animalia, tech for ya pet.

Joan Rivers - Twttr

But my stand out favourites from this foolishly funny selection have been:

  • YouTube finally select a winner of their 5 year project… YouTube:

  • Two comically bad bad breath enhancers:

TicTac Pizza

  • The cute and iPhone controlled Sphero becomes a titanic fruit flattening peacekeeper:

April Fools’ Day 2013: A round-up of the best jokes and hoaxes

Metro Round-Up

And to finish out this post, here’s an April Fools message from the President.

It’s been fun folks.


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