Dogs in Tights

China’s latest canine craze seems to involve putting poodles in pantyhose, terriers in tights or staffies in stockings.

Dog 6

The new craze called ‘Gou Gou Chuan Siwa’ is as disturbing as it is fascinating. Simply get your dog to don a pair of ladies lingerie (high heels optional) and simply start snapping away.

Dog 7

Dog 5

Dog 4

Dog 3

Dog 2

Dog 1

I think the original post can be found here.


  1. Anonymous

    Those poor dogs 😦 I don’t see how they’d enjoy that let alone shoving their legs into the pantyhose. Horrible! I’m not a PETA person, it’s just that I would never do that to a dog(not even my own dog). Hate my comment all your want, but that’s how I feel.

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