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Guillermo del Terror

To celebrate the release of their latest Halloween offering, ‘Treehouse of Horrors XXIV’, Matt Groening is putting Simpsons’ iconic couch gag in the fantastically horrible hands of Guillermo del Toro (apparently they have a good eye for this).


Del Toro did more than just a quick TV gag, he went to ghost town and created a 2 minute 45 second intro, transforming our beloved Simpsons’ characters into the most feared creatures from horror-history. The intro is packed with so many references it will keep your wide eyes glued to the screen for the entire time and even then you’d be hard pressed to spot them all. There is an obvious slant towards Del Toro’s on films but that just makes it more enjoyable, I  let out inward squeel when I saw Homer morph into a reaper from Blade 2 or on seeing  Groundskeeper Willie as  Red (Hellboy not Morgan Freeman).

Treehouse of Horror XXIV Couch Gag by Guillermo del Toro

The episode will air this Sunday (06/10/13). Happy Halloween everyone!

Thanks to @Steve_Jude for sending me this.


Epic Advertising

Here are some awesome ads of late that I have loved.

Guardian; Three Little Pigs

This hit our screens a couple of weeks ago and it still makes me sit up every time I hear “Little pig, little pig let us in”. As far as advertising goes, the message is clear and the ad is entertaining and raises my opinion of an already very high profile brand. Amazing work.

CLIENT:  Guardian
CREATIVES: Matt Fitch & Mark Lewis


HSBC: Serious Play

Another awesomely epic advertisement, this time from JWT as they tackle (see what I did there) the rugby 7s. I’m personally a big fan of dressing up so this ad had me hooked the moment I saw those freaking excellent toy soldier costumes, but mix in the classic ‘epic sports battle in a public space’ formula (see ’98 Nike Airport ad for another excellent example) and you’ve got a big thumbs up from me.



Sony Xperia “Made by Imagination”

Although I’m not the biggest Wes Anderson fan, in fact I can’t think of a movie he’s made that hasn’t made me fall asleep or cut myself, but the idea of brining kids irrepressible imagination to life is surely something even Wes can’t make less exciting than watching a turd go crispy.


AGENCY: McCann World Group


I though I’d squeeze in a final entry from DraftFCB Beunos Aires… it’s for KY Jelly .

Kinecting Music and Dance

Developer and musician Chris Vik combines his two loves with dancer Paul Walker (not from Fast and Furious fame) to create this beautiful display of flopping about like a fairy to create music.

This is a performance of a dance development @ PACT Theatre, Feb 2012. The music in this dance piece is being created live by the dancer’s movements. It is done using Microsoft’s Kinect motion tracking camera and custom software developed by Chris Vik.

Developer: Chris Vik
Dancer: Paul Walker

Brian Dettmer – Book Sculptures

This weekend the most amazing thing that I saw was a book. This, although not being very profound, is for me quite the achievement (I seem to have been reading David Copperfield for the last six months… nay, years!) But it was not the written word that caught my attention, more the lack of it.

Dettmer reflects the text's subject matter in his art

American artist Brian Dettmer is ‘one of the leading International contemporary artists working with the book ‘. (OK, that was a little quote from his site, I don’t think it does his work the slightest bit of justice but I did find it funny.) Using nothing but a scalpel and tweezers Dettmer cuts into encyclopedias, medical journals and other rich and relevant publications to create works of art, breathing added life into the beauty of the written word.

“The richness and depth of the book is universally respected yet often undiscovered as the monopoly of the form and relevance of the information fades over time. The book’s intended function has decreased and the form remains linear in a non-linear world. By altering physical forms of information and shifting preconceived functions, new and unexpected roles emerge.”
Brian Dettmer 

Combining books in intelligent ways creates amazing effects

Even folding one book can create incredible depth and curves

Painstakingly pawing through each page, Dettmer picks out a perfect composition of characters

A clever cascade effect is created from eight books


Many more beautiful images can be found on Flickr.




Embodying Cityscapes

Whilst trawling through tumblr yesterday, I noticed a post from Laughing Squid that made me stop and reflect. It was a series of photos from British photographer Jasper James. This particular project focused on city skylines that were partially visible through silhouettes. I think it is a very clever idea with some extremely beautiful executions.

Here are some of my faves…

See the rest of the collection here.