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Seven PsychoCATS

If you can forego the slightly saccharine outlook of the forgivingly pretty presenters, then Clevver Movies is a really good YouTube channel to subscribe to. Regular uploads keep followers abreast of breaking trailers, movies and Hollywood goss… but never this-

Ex Cartoon Network and Adult Swim director (and all round doer) Jim Tozzi has recreated Martin McDonagh‘s Los Angeles criminal underworld… with cats.

Seven Psychocats

Based on the upcoming movie Seven Psychopaths (obvs), Tozzi has turned the all star cast into all star cats, to much amusement. For me, Christoph Walken makes the best pussy there but who’s you favourite famous feline?

Check out the original trailer here.


Glue Isobar have introduced me to two wonderful things this morning. The first is a mobile development which enables users to experience physical buttons on a flat touchscreen.

Tactus have created a tactile touchscreen that works by pumping fluid into a specially designed flexible surface, turning the once flat on screen buttons into, well…  bumpy real buttons.

Tactus Technology

The next technological breakthrough comes in the form of a dead cat. Meet Orville, after being fatally hit by a car, Dutch artist and owner Bart Jansen decided his to immortalise his beloved pet by turning him into a helicopter.
Check it out, this engine really purrs… or at least it used to.

Orvillecopter – Aircat

A great start to the week, thank you @glueIsobar.

Excuse Meme Sonic

Today I stumbled across something we should all love!

Did I say love… I meant loathe.

Loathe for the severe lack of originality and creativity.

Loathe for bludgeoning and bastardising the heart of our ebased mother land.

Loathe for not just jumping on one bandwagon but trying to hitch a ride on every passing four wheeled trend tractor the internet has to offer.

Without any further disgruntled disgust, I give you:

Or merely a meme stream from I Can Has Cheezburger.

And what did their chosen target market think?

Via Fuck Yeah Advertising, or how it shall now be known, Fuck Off Advertising!


As an ad-man, I find this not only comedy gold but also a completely relevant and stealable idea. YOINK!

Or visit
To stay on top of the ever-changing advertising landscape, john st. has opened the world’s first cat video division. With production, filming and seeding all in-house. Ask yourself, what can cat videos do for your business?


Via @mcha