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Dentsu have just delivered a wonderful presentation on creativity.
However the highlight for me was this ridiculous yet brilliant smart-wallet.

I know what I’m asking Santa for!


Real Life Goldeneye 64

This is so close to perfect, I can’t take the nostalgic smile from my face.

And yes Natalya is a dick.

Via @carbfreetweets

Hey There Doll Face




Well that’s the latest crazy offering from those awesome über geeks in Japan. Some surround phtography of your head, some clever programming and a 3D printer and voila… Action me!

(P.S. That is not me)

You can find out more about it here.

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Click on me if you want to live

Today has been slammed with so much blog worthy videos, gifs and websites I haven’t even had a chance to start. Well actually, I have started. I started this… about 6 freakin hours ago. But then all of a sudden a neon spider pig is demanding attention not to mention that moments later I was faced with the potential destruction of the entire planet;

“I have to warn someone” I thought to myself “immediately after I post this awesome cat…”

And here he is:

Now that you’ve had a chance to take that in… Oh, you’re still watching it.

…Well go on then have another look,  but there are more important things afoot!

So, now I have your attention allow me to inform you… SKYNET IS REAL!!!!

I was quietly enjoying the latest glimpse of the awesome SmartBird created by Festo, as seen at recent TED talks.
Just look at that gloriously elegant motion that they’ve accomplished, such serenity:

But my joys in robotics were soon shattered when I stumbled upon this.

Meanwhile in Japan…

Yes, they’re bloody creating Cyberdine Systems. Did they not learn?!?!?

If it can teach itself to make green tea it can teach itself how to make cocktails, woolly hats, possibly a Swedish flat-packed carousel and of course a metal endoskeleton covered in a synthetic, cybernetic layer resembling Arnold Schwarzenegger and stopping at nothing to destroy all humans.

You see my concerns?

Got Wood?

If a ball were to fall on a xylophone in the woods and there was no one around to hear it… Would it create a charming (if not a little lengthy) piece of music?

Well, a team of scientist stashed some camera’s in a woodland area to find out…

Actually it’s an ad for a phone.

But I know I had you fooled for a moment.