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Guillermo del Terror

To celebrate the release of their latest Halloween offering, ‘Treehouse of Horrors XXIV’, Matt Groening is putting Simpsons’ iconic couch gag in the fantastically horrible hands of Guillermo del Toro (apparently they have a good eye for this).


Del Toro did more than just a quick TV gag, he went to ghost town and created a 2 minute 45 second intro, transforming our beloved Simpsons’ characters into the most feared creatures from horror-history. The intro is packed with so many references it will keep your wide eyes glued to the screen for the entire time and even then you’d be hard pressed to spot them all. There is an obvious slant towards Del Toro’s on films but that just makes it more enjoyable, I  let out inward squeel when I saw Homer morph into a reaper from Blade 2 or on seeing  Groundskeeper Willie as  Red (Hellboy not Morgan Freeman).

Treehouse of Horror XXIV Couch Gag by Guillermo del Toro

The episode will air this Sunday (06/10/13). Happy Halloween everyone!

Thanks to @Steve_Jude for sending me this.


Sitcom Smackdown

Previously on The Vulture…

DRAMA DERBY: The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years – Starring; Twin Peaks, MadMen, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Wire, X-Files and more!

Check out the chart.

And the winner was… SPOILER

This year The Vulture is asking us to recall the funniest TV moments of the last 30 years. Would you rather sit down with Friends or go to bed with Roseanne? Are you a ‘diddly-doo-wop’ man? 

Watch as the comedy giants go head to head in:


Sitcom Smackdown header

So far only Sam ‘Mayday’ Malone and David Brent have gone blow for blow and, much to my delight, the Red Sox pitcher has knocked it out of the park, making Cheers the first victor in what promises to be an epic battlol.

Shame there’s no Family Guy.

Sitcom Smackdown Table - Round 1

Who do you think will win?

Mad Mended

College Humor take a look at some alternate outcomes for the Mad Men intro.

Advertising lolz!

OK, I’m going to send this round my ad agency right now. The response however can not be determined at this point. You see on the plus side; I have found a short video that is both relavant to the industry and relatively funny but… And here is my almost unforgivable oversight, it is over 24 hours old. I KNOW… I’m sorry!

So, how will it be received? It really is too close to call. To be on the safe side I will caveat my mail with some sort social experiment declaration. Wish me lolz!

The Tug Toner

I’m not turning into a Jimmy Kimmel fan boy, but I have been watching a lot more of his stuff and I like what I see. Hmm, maybe I should make him his own board on Pinterest… Oh, sorry. Typing out loud.

You may, as I am, also be a big fan of The Big Bang‘s Kayley Cuoco. So I assume you wouldn’t have missed the Ellen DeGeneres private workout interview. Well I’ve just stumbled across Kimmel’s contribution to what can only be described as ‘The wanking work out regime’.

20 Seasons of Simpson’s D’OH!

This morning I heard a familiar sound coming from a colleagues computer…


UPROXX covered it pretty nicely:

‘Someone, specifically a YouTuber going by the name of Andrewjcm, spent who knows how long compiling this compilation of each instance Homer Simpson uttered the word “Doh” in seasons 1-20 of The Simpsons. That’s some dedication right there!

And not to beat a dead horse here, but this is a perfect example of the type of wonderful internet creation that SOPA/PIPA would endanger. Andrewjcm could go to jail for making this, in fact! Just something to think about. GOOD MORNING!’