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Va Va Voom

French Girls

Renault’s latest online offering has already accomplished  viral success. Their simple test-drive video has already clocked up over 2.5 million views in under a week.


‘What did they do?’ I hear you cry. Jump from space? Make a pony dance? Gangnam Style???

No…. They made French girls dance in their underwear. #Winning

They also did a more female friendly version. Let me know what it’s like.

Mince Pony Mince

Silly Stufff

The latest ad for mobile Network Three is a return to the slightly surreal, this time held together with the line ‘Silly stuff. It matters‘.

Apparently 45% of mobile sharing is simply to make people smile. With this in mind the advertising agency, Wieden & Kennedy, have modled Three’s new campaign around celebrating the silliness of the internet. So seen as dancing and animals are always hot to trot (so to speak) why not start with a dancing pony?

However, with horse being hot on the menu, it wasn’t long before someone served up an alternative:

Thank you The Poke for creating this and @OllyBoden for sharing it with me, apologies if this horse is not to your taste.




Beer Chase

From the beer that brought us my favourite ad EVER (Don’t worry, I’ve included it at the bottom)… comes the latest in comedy commercial capers from Carlton Draught. Their recent instalment follows some post heist bandits as they attempt a getaway from the local law enforcement.  What separates this from any other classic chase scene is this… they don’t want to spill their precious Carlton Draught, so they make their escape on foot with the police in toe (and on toe). Don’t worry my Blues Brothers, it still contains all the classic car chase clichés, making this commercial… hilarious!

Beer Chase:

This practically perfect 80’s pastiche was created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne. Good work boys! And here is another ‘big ad’ from that refreshing bar beverage that is… ‘Made from Beer’.

Big Ad:

Via RichlyEvocative.

Music with Old Spice

Weiden + Kennedy have consistently delivered awesome ads for the nearly defunct mens grooming brand, Old Spice. Since Isaiah Mustafa first exploded onto a horse and onto our screens in 2010, Old spice has experienced continuing commercial success (yes, we’re ignoring Fabio). The latest Old Spice manly manifestation, Terry Crews, has just released Vimeo’s first (as far as I know) interactive music video!

Watch carefully as Terry manipulates the instruments with his rippling muscular physique. Did you enjoy that? Well now it’s your turn. Hit (nearly) any key on your keyboard to smash cymbals, blow flaming saxophones and drop strings of sausages .

Watch me jam solo, then use the special interactive player to record your own remix. Go ahead, show me what you got!

[This was partially an experiment to see if the interactivity worked when embedded.]

PS3 – Long Live Great Ads

This blog post is to Michael… and all the other people/characters/legends that made this ad possible:
(Reference list at bottom)

I love it for so many reasons; The script, the direction, the characters, the cameos, the score, the memories… Possibly the most inspirational ad I can remember. Long Live play!

Created in New York by Deutsch a Lowe and Partners Company (I think I have to write it all).

I've made a list of all the references I noticed.

Call of duty 2 - 0:07
Unchartered - 0:48
Final Fantasy - 0:48
Infamous - 0:56
Killzone - 0:56
Dead Space 2 - 0:59
MLB 11 - 1:03
Metal Gear Solid - 1:06
Hitman - 1:13
Twisted Metal - 1:14
Portal - 1:15
Little Big Planet - 1:16
God of War - 1:18
Tekken - 1:22
Madden 10 - 1:22
Bioshock - 1:37
Jak and Daxter - 1:45
Assassin's Creed - 1:46
(They may be a little early, but I wouldn't want you to miss anything.)

Long Live Play!

via @kevmaguire

Cravendale – The first cow milker

So Wieden and Kennedy have released the second in their new series of Cravendale ads. This time instead of opposably-thumbed felines it concentrates on the age old question… Who was the first person to milk a cow?

Unfortunately I think the ‘age old question’ is the reason why I don’t like it. I really enjoyed imagining cats… with thumbs. It is something I’d not considered before. Dogs yes of course, ever since I discovered the truth behind Borat’s fabled Jew (spelt dew) claw, it’s now been rendered useless in the wake of evolution, but it never stopped me imagining.

However not only is this based so far in reality that it definitely did happen but it’s also as old and cliche as ‘why do men have nipples’ and ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg?’ Which, again, if you’re going to believe in evolution the correct answer is egg. There… no more mystery.

However I have waffled on enough, it was clearly the difficult second album for this campaign which has not stopped looking beautiful. I just want to see more imagination, fingers crossed for cows with business acumen.


T-Mobile creates a live Angry Birds – Lies are for sharing:

T-Mobile have done it again!

Back in May the infamous T-mobile managed to absolutely destroyed another beautiful idea. This time they’ve taken the world’s favourite iPhone game and made it into a badly acted and poorly produced excuse for a live event. Now I’ve finally got over them trying to claim the flash mob by creating a rehearsed piece of painstakingly shite choreography, because they didn’t. I looked through their press releases and other statements and it turns out that they do always refer to it as a stunt. But this latest piece of marketing (ignoring the right Royal pigs ear they previously put out) persuades me to think of them more as something that rhymes with the aforementioned stunt.

Here… watch for yourself. Notice how their oh so precious smart phone is not secured to anything. See how the bird breaks through the wooden casket time and time again (without repair) and last but not least, exploding projectiles in an unmanned area? I don’t think so.

For the first time ever, watch how people use a simple smartphone to play a life-size version of the cult Angry Birds game. Complete with real shooting birds and exploding pigs!

So I’m not overly impressed and left wondering why the ASA have not already cut out the eyes from all those responsible. I mean stopped it. Of course I could be wrong and as with the flash mob I’d love someone to convince me otherwise.

Life is for sharing, yet impossible if it only exists within a closed set.

Pop Motion Animation. Beautiful Balloon Based TV spot for MTV:

This is just another one of those ideas, that although not groundbreaking or innovative, the addition of a simple or charming device (in this case the factory setting and bursting balloons) breathes such fresh life into it, you instantly hate the creator.

I jest of course (cunt).

This is a spot I directed to celebrate the 21st anniversary of MTV Brazil.

Created by Dulcidio Caldeira, André Faria and Guga Ketzer.

Agency: Loducca.

Production company: ParanoidBR.

Music: Raw Audio.

Animation: Daniel Semanas.

Finish house: Sindicato