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Timesheets to the Wind

JWT Brazil have turned mundane into fundane (sorry) by incentivising the filling in of timesheets WITH BEER!

It seems that the entire agency has to have completed their timesheets for the fridge to open, but would you want to be the one man (ow woman) that stands between an entire agency and their beer?

Either way… I love it. Can’t wait to install one in my office. Not sure I’ll bother with the locking mechanism though.

Agency Christmas Card

This year glue Isobar have kept their Christmas card a little hush hush, shrouded in Christmas mystery. I still do not know all of the details, however I do know that this CCTV footage has just been leaked on their YouTube channel.

On Monday 12th December at 10am, whilst delivering presents to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital for glueisobar Santa was kidnapped. 

We need your help to find them, save Santa and the children’s toys.

Study the clues and tweets to try and work out where THE MEAN GREENIES hideout is.

TWEET #savesanta and the location of their hideout and if you find them Santa will reward you.

Follow their tumblr blog here.


I’ve only just advanced the necessary spaces to land upon this amazing iteration of the classic board game. (thanks to @D_NS) It’s like they’ve taken the idea of Monopoly and really spun it on its head. This is blue sky thinking at its best… Or maybe it’s just:


Welcome to the creative wankfest that is Admonopoly! Race around the board wasting your creative talent and build as many ‘award-winning’ campaigns as you can! So get your ‘starters for ten’ and your ‘adcepts’ ready, as you scurry around the shops of London consistently ‘bringing your A-game’ until you become the most feared adman in town. Found here.

And to add more interactivity to monopoly’s monopoly over gaming there’s now FourSquaropoly.

Via @theMightyBeard

Possible Powar

I know this is not going to appeal to everyone, but I made it, so I’m going to post it.  So here’s what happened…

I read this.

Which in short says that Advertising giants WPP are merging some of their smaller agencies to form a brand new digital agency called Possible Worldwide.  The President of which will be ex-blue MD, Kenny Powar.  So my brain starts ticking and…

I found it funny.



Honda Jazz up TV ads

I’ve now been catching cartoon critters for over 24 hours and thoroughly enjoying it, all thanks to Wieden + Kennedy and their new TV ad for Honda Jazz.  The ad itself is a well scripted but extremely fluffy step into a fantasy world, under the guise ‘This unpredictable life’, but not in the sense Tony Kaye delivered for Dunlop in 1993.  This ad is more closely related to the cutesy offspring of the Lloyds TSB family and the Duracell bunny after their trip to Care-alot kingdom (or whatever that place was called, I can’t remember).

But putting aside the mediocre ad aside, lets not forget the world’s first fantastic feature… iPhone integration.

Yes, the beauty of this ad is that it is ‘audio-synced’ with their iPhone app, so all the user need do is swipe their phone in front of their screen or speaker in order to capture the several cartoon creatures floating about the screen.

I actually did find this a lot of fun and have been capturing and resetting the app ever since I downloaded it.  But alas, it was not until I was merely the supplier and onlooker of this activation application that I finally realised I had not heard the ad once in the 15+ times I’d watched it and even worse, I did not even take on board the point or plot of the story.

(Something about choices and not knowing)

Anyway, the ad is to air tonight between Channel Four’s runaway bride hit, ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ (watch it).

Visit the official site.