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The Esper Machine Enhances Photoshop


Move in…

Enhance 34 to 46…



Via @GavRov



OK, I can resist it no longer; here’s Super Troopers homage to Deckard:

I really hope that enhanced your viewing pleasure.



Wingsuit you Sir

Professional Wingsuit flyer (…if you will), Jeb Corliss, has made the first ever wingsuit flight through a mountain (OK, so I didn’t need that last emboldening. It’s still impressive though):

Russia Today reports:

“An American professional wingsuit flier on Saturday successfully performed a jump and dive through the Tianmen Hole – an actual hole through a mountain – in Hunan province, central China. The 35 year old American Jeb Corliss jumped from a helicopter 6,000 feet (1,830 metres) above the Tianmen cave, flying towards it, and went right through it. The professional wingsuit flier failed at his first attempt, but succeeded the second time round. “That was one of the greatest wingsuit flights of my entire life. Thank you China, that was amazing,” he said after he landed safely. According to Corliss, the first attempt failed due to smoke brackets on his feet that did not work properly and forced him to take a detour. He has become the first wingsuit stuntman to fly in China.

Most amazing catch ever

I was just shown this by @Nikolai_ and as suggested by the strained, amazed words of a spectating baseball player…

“It’s amaaaaziing”

Tampa Bay Ray and Gillette Young Gun Evan Longoria makes a crazy bare hand catch right before it hits a reporter.

I have just watched 16 times, I hope you all enjoy this as much as me. It even beats the cool catch Father from a couple of weeks ago:

Awesome skills guys, seriously… awesome!

Instant Modern Retro Future Classic: #modernretrofutureclassic

First thing this morning I was introduced to the most impressive bit of tidying tech since the ‘3 second shirt fold‘, I know that’s not technology, but it was impressive so leave it.  This was the magical mystical cleaner-upper that had me so gobsmacked.  I just like the way it picks the smallest smears of grease up and is able to place them back on the surface as if untouched… excellent.

But that piece of pish was blown out of the water by this instantly cool implementation of technology.  It’s cool because it’s music based, which is as simple as getting a Grammy for playing retard (but not full retard), and it’s the most useful bit of digital since the compact disc, because it is (just a little more compact).

Anyway this is ultimately awesome, an instant modern retro future classic:


Water Good Trick

So my friend sent me this nifty trick, as he knows I like a nifty tricks. But this is a stretch.  If it is fake, which I hope it is not, then I really like the failed attempts and the allusion to difficulty throughout.

The comments below the YouTube upload speak a lot of magnets, so maybe it is possible but just not the way it is described.  Either way, it looks very impressive and certainly makes the viewer question their own understanding of physical principles.

So, without further ado…  (‘Drum roll please’)…  I give you…

The Amazing Water Trick:


An amusing trick you can perform with water! Show this video to your friends!
In fact, why not show it to everyone you ever knew?

I highly encourage you to try this trick yourself.


If you like the music, you can find it here:
The title is “Faster Does It.”

Via dandeentremont and The Knifey Spoony.