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Avengers Trailer #1

It’s a week overdue, but I thought I’d still stick it in a blog as I intend to keep this post updated as and when new (official) Avengers related things emerge on the internets.

To be continued…


Japander:n.,& v.t. 1. a western star who uses his or her fame to make large sums of money in a short time by advertising products in Japan that they would probably never use. ~er (see synecure, prostitute)

2. to make an ass of oneself in Japanese media.

Thanks to the acting talent of Mr. Nicholas Cage, I have recently been introduced to…


Combining Japanese genius with the American dream:

Time for the Randumb:

I also love sushi and mount Fuji:

Possibly my favourite:

And to sing us out… who else could it be: