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Dentsu London have created these adorable AR teddies that live independent of human interaction, communicate with one another, act out stories and are generally really frikkin cute:

Congrats guys!

If you want to see this real life cartoon crossover they will be on display at ‘Designs of the year’ until 15th of July. If you want to buy one… Get in line!

It’s Showtime for Animators

Showtime have managed to combine all of my favourite YouTube animators, actors and artists to create a series of excellent clips called Shortstories.


Simon’s Cat


Bill Plympton

Mystery Guitar Man

Thank you Showtime for making/wasting my day.
(Delete as you see fit)

Reoccurring News

I seem to reference this video at least once a month, yet it takes me nearly that long to find it. So I’m posting this for reference purposes only… And it’s pretty cool.

This is a perfect example of forward thinking.



And may I never have to crawl through interwebs to find this again!


Gorillaz DoTheirThing

The Gorillaz combine different animation styles with real life footage, Andre 3000, James Murphy and their Converse trainer to create their latest music video…


The video was made to promote the trainer, and you now get a free DoYaThing single with every purchase.

Jurassic Park 5

I managed to cripple myself over the weekend, so I can not be sure whether it’s the prescription drugs or the latest video from FilmCow that has made me spontaneously titter in pleasure and pain.

Jurassic Park 5


So the rumours were true… Samuel L Jackson does have a leading role.

The Thingu

Pingu remake of John Carpenter masterpiece THE THING (1982)
This is the 2 minute extended cut. There is also a
second version but it ended up being too epic for a 
60″ video

Done in 60″ Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Def4JOlRLU4
Behind the Scenes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAFhaVAmlBY
Storyboards: http://leehardcastle.com/blog/storyboards-pingus-the-thing/