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Police, Camera, Achtung!

Danny Shine gets pulled over by the a policeman (PC Stout) whilst cycling down Edgware Road. What happens next is as embarrassing and comedic (more in my opinion) than The Office (UK version of course).

Unfortunately cyclist blessed with this new knowledge (i.e. when it comes to the law you’re better off not asking the police, or at least PC Stout) may be even more tempted to run red lights.

Someone has already put a laughter track to it, here.


Senior Citizen’s Arrest

This amazing footage was captured by a good for nothing punk that wasn’t prepared to get himself involved whilst a gallant grandma takes on a gang of thieves.  It was not until one of the perps was restrained on the floor that he decide to thoughtlessly run over, consequently destroying the remaining footage.

Seriously, an old lady has bigger balls than you.

P.S. Thanks for the upload.