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Reoccurring News

I seem to reference this video at least once a month, yet it takes me nearly that long to find it. So I’m posting this for reference purposes only… And it’s pretty cool.

This is a perfect example of forward thinking.



And may I never have to crawl through interwebs to find this again!


Evian new Baby Ad (no rollerskates)

Evian second baby based attempt at advertising seems to combine the original concept of dancing/lively babies with Orange’s Rock Corp ad.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it is only natural, if not inevitable for people to borrow or repeat ideas and this has nice touches.  I think I just feel it is not enough.

Oh well, I like it anyway and the pub is calling so I’m going to have to leave it there, enjoy:

Like it? Now you can be part of it on http://www.letsbabydance.evian.com

2 years after the roller babies, evian offers a new Live young experience: a film and an interactive music video.

All you ever wanted to know about the campaign on www.facebook.com/evian

Get the T-Shirt on http://shop.evian.com

Name of the campaign: baby inside
Agency: BETC Euro RSCG
Directors: Legs
Music: Wordy Rappinghood, produced by DJ Mehdi and Uffie

P.S. It also makes me sing ‘Tequila‘ in my head.

Happy Monday

Many people seem to be a little dreary this morning, not full of their normal gusto. Perhaps it was a heavy weekend on the grog or maybe their mother didn’t appreciate their present.  Some may have even forgot it was Mothers Day and had to spend ludicrous amounts on train journeys home at the last minute, not forgetting to pick up flowers and wine on the way just to make up for it… What silly people.

Well, no matter what your reason for not being able to embrace this Monday morning, this should make it a little bit better:

One more for my Baby…

…and another one ‘coz I can.  Now f@*& off!

This cute little drunkard is actually promoting Johannes Nyholm new short; Las Palmas

Trailer for the short movie “Las Palmas” by Johannes Nyholm.
The whole film will be shown at the Market Art fair in Stockholm, Magnus Karlssons booth, #36. 2011.02.18-2011.02.20. Opening hours: Fri 12-19. Sat, Sun 12-18. http://www.market-art.se

The film will be released in 2011. Running time: 14 mins.

Music: “Låt i H-moll” by Björn Olsson, from the record “The Lobster” (2005), released by Gravitation.