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Google Sea-View

I like Turtles!

… So you can imagine how chuffed I was to discover this:

It turns out there is even more. Not only have they taken their 3D Google cams underwater but they are also running hangouts from the watery depths:

Their next under water web chat is taken place tonight (yes… night). You can keep abreast of all the upcoming action here.

Police, Camera, Achtung!

Danny Shine gets pulled over by the a policeman (PC Stout) whilst cycling down Edgware Road. What happens next is as embarrassing and comedic (more in my opinion) than The Office (UK version of course).

Unfortunately cyclist blessed with this new knowledge (i.e. when it comes to the law you’re better off not asking the police, or at least PC Stout) may be even more tempted to run red lights.

Someone has already put a laughter track to it, here.

The Fabulous Face Tracking Clever-Cam

This dude is crazy cool and that Predator thingy ain’t half bad either.

Check out Zdenek Kala‘s latest modification to his awesome ever learning camera, Predator.

This video demonstrates the functionality and potentioal applications of Predator, an object tracking algorithm that simultaneously tracks, learns and detects an unknown object in real-time.
– human-computer interfaces
– security and games
– improvement of image search
– object-centric stabilisation

More information can be found at

Oh and Happy Friday everyone.