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If you were to combine a fuck bucket of things I love, from digital interactivity to 90’s beat ’em ups… you’d probably end up with this:

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter – In real life:

Created by the awesome GakAttack, the perfect blend of special effects and martial arts, alongside .Start, the gamer specific entertainment channel… This is one of the best portrayals of real life Street Kombat (see what I did there) I have ever seen!

Congratulations boys, that was Perfect! (Or should I say Flawless?)

Keep an eye on this incredible team, they plan to make an entire series dedicated to Fan Fights. If your appetite is not whet enough yet, check out this super-human showdown:

Batman vs Captain America – Ultimate Fan Fight:

Fed into my eyes by @D_NSandNick.

Security Go Swimming With The Fishes Seeeeeeeeee

I posted this yesterday, but I wanted to place it here, 1. for posterity, 2. for those who missed it and 3. because it’s awesome. And a possible 4 because I never noticed The Mask tune playing in the background. It makes it so much better.

P.S. I hope the security are fired.

Major Brawl at Russia Oceanarium

Apparent translations:

hg = hot_girl
hg_bf = hot girl’s boyfriend

00:19 hg_bf: So wasted
00:24 security: come on…
00:28 little_girl: what is he doing?
00:29 hg_bf: come on, come on .. but he refuses to go
00:30 hg: he washed his greasy footwear in the pool, where clean dolphins are swimming..
00:36 hg_bf: (you saying something, Nadya?)
00:39 hg: washed his greasy footwear where clean dolphins are swimming. If I were a dolphin, I’d splash him
00:48 hg: Poor dolphins.
00:55 little_girl: who’s there going ?
00:59 hg: he came here with a girl… If you jumped into the pool like this, I’d be sad and offended. Thank God, you are so normal. I love you.
01:15 hg_bf: You should repeat that comment.
01:19 hg: I already said all what I was thinking
01:34 hg_bf: security came
02:07 hg_bf: Seems like he’s done with.
02:14 hg: It is a part of the show?
03:10 tall_guy: What are you doing?
03:17 yellow_shirt_guy: Go outside, there’s children watching!
03:23 shrieking_girl: Don’t, …*
03:26 yellow_shirt_guy: what a mess you’ve made here, come on, …
03:30 drunk_guy: You, scumbag! — literally: You, condom (cocksuckers)!
03:30 hg: what a dork he is, to act like this, girl says to him: calm down…
03:53 tall_guy: who’s interferring ?! … who the fuck punched?
04:03 tall_guy: Who? Me? They punched that good man in the face! It’s an outrage!
04:10 drunk_guy: I fucked you in your mouths, you condoms!
04:19 hg: came to the show, and makes a stupid mess.. came to the public place and…
04:30 drunk_guy: You the lowest of people, fuck you!
04:33 hg: dolphins are shocked
04:35 hg_bf: you saying something, Nadya?
04:36 hg: people came to public place, they should behave themselves. And this dorks come here, acting like animals… And he even tries to argue that he’s right…
04:52 hg: so why is he jump like that, seems like it is not his business at all
05:05 hg: you can’t behave, should stay at home.
05:06 hg: I am shocked. I’m more sorry for a dolphin. Poor dolphins now in a dirty water.. This moron got what he asked for
05:18 hg: wanted to show off to his girl ……
05:27 pink_shirt_girl: Oleg! let’s go…
05:27 tall_guy: Come here!
05:27 pink_shirt_girl: I said, let’s go!

Samurai Shadow Fighting

Amazing choreography as well as perfect timing and excellent audio make this an astonishing joy to watch from start to finish.

I hail this piece… a flawless victory:

2011年1月2日(日)~1月5日(水)に天王洲銀河劇場にて行われた早乙女太一 [吉例]新春特別講演『龍と牡丹』内「剣舞/影絵」。
映像効果を駆使し、早乙女太一が自分自身の影絵と繰り広げられる殺陣。形を変 え 次々と襲いかかる影絵との舞台は、一糸乱れぬ緻密な映像演出と早乙女太一 の才能の上に成り立っています。


Taichi Saotome, Special New Year Performance of Dragon and Peony, Sword
Dance and Shadowgraph
2nd to the 5th of January 2011 at the Galaxy Theater Tokyo


Video Production by TEAMLAB

Unfortunately, beyond TEAMLAB I barely understand a word of the credits.  So if you anyone can translate all/any of that, well good for you.

Thanks DNS for pointing this one out.

Parrot’s go to war

Well, depending on your affinity towards aves, this could be more or less exciting than you expected.

Remember the AR Drone helicopter?

Well now things have just got more competitive.  On the 26th of this month (Nov 2010) Parrot will release a competitive app that adds an AR armory to your iPhone enabled chopper.  This will allow two friends/enemies to battle against each other, viewing the fray through their iPhone as it registers damage both dished and deserved.

I think this looks brilliant and can’t wait for a couple of mates to drop $300 a piece to purchase a pair of Parrots.

Oh…  I’ll just keep waiting then.


This clip is Kick-Ass!

So… I finally got round to watching Kick-ass and despite the rave reviews I was still not prepared for this particular scene:


P.S. Has anyone started to think my ‘blogging’ could be best described as ‘micro’, hence better housed on Twitter?

Well fuck you!