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Sizzling Daredevil Trailer

Don’t mistake what you are about to see for another waste of space fan-made trailer. This is Joe Carnahan’s (Director of The Grey and Smokin’ Aces) recent pitch to  Twentieth Century Fox, for his reimagining of the super sensitive, claret clad, Marvel hero… Daredevil.

Unfortunately Fox had a finite time to get a film into production before the Daredevil rights reverted back to Disney/Marvel. Last night Carnahan tweeted “DD pitch was tremendous and everyone flipped for it. The clock ticked down at Fox, that’s why it went tits up”.


Michael J Fox News. Don’t blame me, my mate sent it:

Unfortunately, this is the best thing I’ve seen (if not, ermmmm… how do I describe this, in the way of a parky sparky, or middle aged actor) on the internet.


I sent this round work.

I’ve since been fired.