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This is the best thing I have ever seen!!!! (OK, that might be a bit much but it is refreshingly brilliant.)

Innovative and interactive without the need for an Arduino… Genius!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/44866791]

Here’s what the creator – @Disselkoen – has to say about it:

For four years, each day I took the same tram to art academy. Why would you then look out the window with curiosity when there is no reason to expect anything new. I decided to change the daily journey for my fellow passengers and myself. I wouldn’t move the tramway track, but maybe I could add something. Make something so that what already exists would look very different now.

Man-eater is part of my graduation project “Remake Reality” for the Royal Academy of Art, The Netherlands.

For my portfolio, please visit danieldisselkoen.nl
Music: “Contemporary Individual” by Superhumanoids (superhumanoids.com/)


I’m Batman

This Friday sees the release of the most anticipated game EVER!.. Arkham City!

Alright I’m a fan boy, but it will be awesome.

Now watch this viral before I bat-slap you upside your head.

“You’re like Two-Face and both sides of your face are ugly”

Via the Sned Head once again. Follow him here.


I’ve only just advanced the necessary spaces to land upon this amazing iteration of the classic board game. (thanks to @D_NS) It’s like they’ve taken the idea of Monopoly and really spun it on its head. This is blue sky thinking at its best… Or maybe it’s just:


Welcome to the creative wankfest that is Admonopoly! Race around the board wasting your creative talent and build as many ‘award-winning’ campaigns as you can! So get your ‘starters for ten’ and your ‘adcepts’ ready, as you scurry around the shops of London consistently ‘bringing your A-game’ until you become the most feared adman in town. Found here.

And to add more interactivity to monopoly’s monopoly over gaming there’s now FourSquaropoly.

Via @theMightyBeard

Scroobius Pip is Playing Games

Scroobius Pip is not only the latest legend on the block merely due to his effortless lyrics and and free flowing style. He is also known as the man with the mighty beard.

Here he is chopping off his favourite facial friend…


But today we are here to celebrate his beard in its most recent incarnation, an online game.

In collaboration with actionscript developer Jop Wielens and design and illustration from Akiro Studios Scroobius Pip proudly presents…


Bash the spacebar and use your mouse to guide Pip using his mighty beard.  Collect items, avoid baddies and gain high scores.

It’s a bit of fun, not ground breaking. There’s some nice little soundbites in there, but that’s about it.



To promote the retro/Shoreditch cool pixelating iPhone app, ‘Pixel Face’, Grimaceworks created this lovely little webgame, based on the hipsters hit ‘being a dickhead is cool’.
Answer the kwestions in this kwl kwz to find out exactly how bigger tw@ you are with the ‘Dickheadometer’:

Yeah? What of it??? Being a dickhead is cool!


What surprised me was that it seems to be built solely to promote an app, without any branding (cue gasp).
…unless the app was built to promote the production company. Whoa dude, I think I’m tweaking.

Stay tuned for Font Face… coming soon.

Nexus Contraptions

I heard it was really hard to add extra functionality to a YouTube page (which I actually like). But I suppose when you own the bloody thing you can do what the fuck you want.

Love this interactive YouTube page, promoting 4 key features of the phone in a very engaging way.

Yes... this is a YouTube page

Have a play here

I spent pretty much all day on this yesterday and it looks like I might do the same today.
Well… I’m gonna need to get a screen grab.

How Dare Wii

OK, final post before the weekend, but I had to get this one out.

Although I don’t really think words can quite prepare one for the most recent game to hit the kids console.

Games night around the lads house may never be the same again.

HA!  I’ve just noticed that is has been created by the ironically titled UbiSoft.

Angry Bird-day cake

When young Ben turned 6, his Father, creator of ever more elaborate cakes, decided to make him a fully functional Angry Bird cake.  Well… I say fully functional but I didn’t see the little bluebirds splitting into three.

I feel creator Mike may have had more fun than neigh on unenthusiastic Ben.  Come on Ben, if you’re not impressed with the worlds most addictive game combined with a cake that you’re actually supposed to destroy… You’re Dad’s just given you a catapult.

There’s no pleasing some kids.

It’s become a family tradition that I make increasingly ridiculous birthday cakes for my kids each year. So with my little boy Ben turning 6-years-old over the weekend, and appreciating his love of Angry Birds, I thought I’d have a shot a making him a playable Angry Birds birthday cake with working catapult and iced birds as ammunition.